Brand : EFOSHM

EFOSHM Health Wireless Activity Sleep Monitor Pedometer Smart Fitness Tracker Wristband Watch Bracelet for Men Women Boys Girls Ladies Man Iphone Sumsung HTC (Pink)


Sedentary Reminder
Remind you to take exercises when you keep sitting or still for some time.

Gesture Control
Just turn over bracelet at 90 angel forward and turn back ,the screen turns bright when the bracelet is dark.

Camera Remote Control
Haha,you could use this function for taking a remote self-pic.Please open android phone’s camera at first.

Sleep monitor
Bracelet will check whether people wearing it are sleeping at 8pm to 9 am,bracelet will turn into sleep status if you are asleep.

It is a good friend to tell your sports situation:how many steps you walk,how far you run.Hey!Guy,it is good monitor for health.

Information Sync
Steps,calories and distance sync are ok when Connection is o,and the time at bracelet will be corrected.It needs about 2 minutes for sync for the first time.

Voice control
Need bluetooth or wired earphone to support it,and smartphone must have voice control function.At the same time,voice control function must be chosen at APP.

Common problems
1.Calls reminder is not ok when connection is ok.
1)Android phones:please allow “zeroner”to receive phonebook,call,messages and keep “zeroner” going.
add zeroner into trust zone if phone has security software
2)IOS phone:Stop connection, pair again,call reminder will be ok after phone shows “bluetooth pair” and touch “pair”.


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