Brand : DETUCK

DETUCK(TM) Multifunctional Military Compass Metal Case Lensatic Compass Clamshell Directional Compass Liquid Filled Compass And Protractor (C-22)


DETUCK® known as a worldwide registered brand owned by Detuck one of the most desired brand in North America, Europe and Asia.
This C-2X Military Compass is one of the most popular compasses offered by Detuck Inc. This is a American military compass, it is a good choice for camping and adventure lovers. This compass is liquid filled type compass, high accurate and good stability; dial diameter about 2.1in,with a magnifier glass on the scale dial, high scale precision, clear writing. Durable metal and plastic casing, handheld size convenient to carry with, can be folded put in your pocket.

DETUCK® C-2X Military Compass Manual Notes:
1. Use the compass in a horizontal state, in order to ensure the accuracy of the pointer;
2. To avoid confusion occurs pointer, please maintain a certain distance from the barbed wire, as well as objects containing magnetic;
3.Do not use a compass to beat the object, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy;
4.Keep the disk and the lens clean, do not use a dirty cloth, hand to wipe;
5.Close it when not use, do not place it near ferromagnetic materials, in order to avoid loss of magnetism.

DETUCK® C-2X Military Compass Specification:
(1)Compass Case Material: C-21 Plastic; C-22 Metal ; C-23 Metal;
(2)Compass Color: C-21 Black; C-22 Golden ;C-23 Army Green;
(3)Compass Dimensions and Weight:
C-21 Folded Size:3.0×2.1×1.0 inches;Weight 1.98 ounce;
C-22 Folded Size:3.0×2.1×1.0 inches;Weight 2.54 ounce;
C-23 Folded Size:3.0×2.3×1.0 inches;Weight 2.99 ounce;

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