Price : $8.80
Brand : Funtalker

Funtalker Multifunction Map Compass Outdoor Navigation Camping


This Map Compass is the Ultimate Hiking or Trip Planning Compass. The see-through light-weight plastic base with Magnifier makes it perfect for reading directions on a map. Its handy Neck Strap allows you to hang it from a pack or take it with you anywhere. The large bright dial allows for easy compass readings even in low light. It also has a measuring device in both Inches and Millimeters allowing you to get accurate map data on the majority of maps. I love using a Map Compass for all my hiking and backpacking trips. This Outlandish Outfitter has used a compass like this from Alaska to Peru and was always glad I had it with me. Buy one today and get outdoors you’ll be lost without it.
1. Made of plastic, easy to carry, color: Transparent
2. Inch and millimeter scales for mapping or plotting scale(1:25000)
3. Protractor compass for measuring direction
4. Lanyard hole on the base plate for easy carrying (lanyard included)
5. Fits for most indoor like home maintenance and outdoor activities like camping, map reading, fishing, hiking, night, fishing, night flying, hiking backpacking etc


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