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Tempo Trainer Pro


Tempo Trainer Pro

Develop consistency and avoid lulls with a personal pace coach
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The Tempo Trainer Pro (TTP) is a simple waterproof metronome that emits a beep corresponding to designated increments of time. When used correctly, the swimmer is capable of learning a consistent, rhythmic, evenly paced swimming style that carries over phenomenally to racing. The Tempo Trainer Pro has the ability to supplement the most creative and challenging workouts and help swimmers improve performance.

Years ago in the swimming world, maximizing your distance per stroke (DPS) used to be the real buzz. In reality, DPS by itself doesn’t mean anything – you can have the longest, most beautiful stroke in the world but that means nothing if you have a slow stroke rate. Therefore, the application of DPS and timing is critical to ensuring the continued success of the athletes.

Tempo Trainer Pro will allow athletes to develop consistency and hone in their ideal stroke rate and pace. The small, waterproof device easily secures under a swimmer’s cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Now with the option to replace the battery, the Tempo Trainer Pro will last multiple lifetimes. The advanced unit also has a new Sync button and a new mode in strokes/strides per minute for increased functionality. The Tempo Trainer Pro also includes a clip for dry land exercise.

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Features & Benefits

Audible Beep
Loud enough to hear in and out of the water

Tempo can be adjusted by 1/100 of a second

3 Modes
Adjustable modes for different training applications

Perfect for Pacing
Consistent stroke tempo eliminates lulls in races or workouts

Multi Sport
Applicable for swimming, biking, running and more

Small Convenient Size
Easily placed under swim cap or goggles

Sonic Welding

Auto Shut Off feature
Saves battery life

3 Modes

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Mode 1 The Tempo Trainer Pro allows the user to set a pace using a very finite amount of time, down to one hundredth of a second. These small changes in tempo can translate into big changes in stroke length and efficiency over time.

Complete 1 x 25 Freestyle, with the Tempo Trainer Pro set at 0.40 seconds in Mode 1. This means that every four tenths of a second, your hand will hit the water. For most people this will be a high turnover. Next do, 1 x 25 Freestyle, set at 0.80 seconds. You will be amazed at how much slower and longer eight tenths of a second will feel. Reach and rotate with good DPS. Now that you have established both ends of the spectrum, you will want to find that ideal setting where you are most efficient. Finally dial it in: 1 x 25 Freestyle, set at 0.42 seconds. Then 1 x 25 Freestyle, set at 0.78 seconds. Continue the pattern of adding and subtracting 2 onehundredths of a second per 25yd repeat. At some setting you will find the perfect combination of stroke rate and DPS that will elevate the quality of your swimming. This setting should also be your fastest 25. Set your TTP to 0.45. Kick dolphin kick at this rate. Keep an even tempo while trying to kick evenly in both directions. The majority of swimmers do not put enough emphasis on the up phase of the underwater fly kick; this drill will help to train that motion and will also strengthen

Mode 2
Most commonly used as a pacing tool, as it uses full seconds rather than fractions of time. Use this Mode on longer swims to keep pace or during sprint sets to determine goal benchmarks. Mode 2 has a range of one full second to 9 minutes 59 seconds.

Take advantage of Mode 2 and set the Tempo Trainer Pro for longer goal pacing. If you have a goal pace time of 1 minute per 100 yards, you can set the Tempo Trainer Pro to triple beep once every minute. To manage your pace even further, set the device to triple beep every 15 seconds so that you can hear if you are ahead or behind your goal pace at every 25 yard distance. This will teach your swimmers to pace and the correct way to build into their swim. Mode 2 is also extremely valuable for controlling pace and effort levels during a taper workout.

Mode 3
Calculates stroke rate in numeric form. Enter the number of strokes your swimmer will be taking in one minute and the device will automatically calculate how often to beep at that rate.

Instruct your swimmers to set off using their desired stroke rate in Mode 3. Athletes should hold this pace for an extended period of time, anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. This will simulate a distance racing environment that is excellent for open water, triathletes, and those using an Endless Pool.
When training for 200’s of stroke, coaches typically prefer to practice pacing in smaller segments, such as repeated 50yd efforts. Setting the stroke rate to the desired value for this set will allow your swimmer to focus on other aspects of the stroke, such as technique and feel.


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