Price : $29.95
Brand : VDO

VDO M2 Wireless Computer


The VDO M2 WL is a powerful yet simple to use and mount Wireless Bicycle Computer. The cycling computer is perfect for someone who is looking for LARGE digits on the display, more functions than other computers, wireless mounting, long lasting and durable manufacturing, and a super intuitive – simple to use handling by two buttons. For those who want the basics at a glance: the VDO M2 offers all the key bike functions but temporarily hides any data that is not currently required – leaving the focus on one main function – yet it stores your data even beyond changing batteries! Computer functions: Speed 199 kmh/124 mph. Trip distance to 999, 99 mph. Total distance 99.999 miles. Ride time 99:59:59 HH:MM: SS. Time 12H-AM/PM-24H. Clock 9.999:59 HHHH: MM. Average (decimal places) 1. Max. Speed (decimal places) 1 Speed comparison. Features: Speed transmission: A1 Analogue wireless (WL). Automatic start/stop: Up to 2 h break. Computer low battery warning. Data storage during battery change (data + settings). Full text display. The VDO M2 is easy to read while cycling thanks to its extraordinarily large display. The huge digits can be easily read to keep your eyes on the road or trail. The M2 has two buttons. Minimalistic principle for the buttons: effectively control the functions with as few buttons as possible. For simple operation without distractions. The M2 is splash proof and fit to one configurable weal size.


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