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DETUCK(TM) Liquid Field Compass Professional Map Compass Navigation Compass (C-16)


DETUCK® known as a worldwide registered brand owned by Detuck one of the most desired brand in North America, Europe and Asia.
DETUCK® offer a series of field compass that widely used in outdoor camping,hiking,exploring, cross desert, etc. It have powerful function include orientation discrimination, location, distance, slope measurement , azimuth measurement, pitch angle measurement, mapping scale, plotting scale, measuring scale, drawing, magnifying glass and so on. Designed with a neck strap for easy carring, durable and light weight material, it is convenient and easy-to-carry.You may find its specifications below:

DETUCK(TM) Liquid Field Compass Professional Map Compass:
(1)Compass Material: Transparent clear Acrylic ;
(2)Compass Dimensions and Weight:
C-11 Size:5×2.36×0.47 inches;Weight 1.5 ounce;
C-12 Size:5×2.36×0.67 inches;Weight 1.9 ounce;
C-13 Folded Size:3.2×2.33×0.67 inches;Unfold size: 6.3×2.33×0.67 inches;Weight 1.8 ounce;
C-14 Size:2.8×2×0.4 inches; Weight 0.6 ounce;
C-15 Size:4.53×2.17×0.4 inches; Weight 1.5 ounce;

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