Price : $7.99
Brand : Austrake

Austrake 3Pcs Replacement USB Charger Charging Cable for Flex Wireless Activity Sleep Wristband


Abount Austrake Brand.

Please Note: If you purchase this item from any seller other than ” Austrake” the item is counterfeit and the warranty is not valid. If the item does not have the T3chTonic packaging please report the item to Amazon and we will send you the correct item. The fitbit flex is one of the best activity trackers in the world. In between tracking your steps, runs in the park, sleep patterns, and daily calories burned you can easily forget to charge your device. Never be caught with a dead battery again with our fitbit flex charger cables. Made from the highest quality for damaged cables, and tested before selling never worry about faulty quality. Great as a replacement fitbit flex reset charging cable, for travel, or just as a spare at the office this is a must buy. Don’t pay full price, when you can get two for less than half the price of one. At Austrake we like to let our reviews speak for themselves. We also promise to ensure you have a great customer service experience and will replace any damaged cords with a no questions asked policy.


We provide a LIFETIME warranty for all damaged cables. If it breaks because of our or your doing, send it back and we will replace it! Just send us a message here on amazon!


Color: Black

Length: 16.5 cm (6.5in)

Please Note: This item is only compatible with the Fitbit Flex and not other Fitbit products. It also does not have a reset function.


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