Hiking and Camping Brass Pocket Compass with Black Face

This brass compass is compact enough to fit in a pocket. It is approximately 1.75″ wide and has a protective cover. The top loop allows for the compass to be … Continue reading


Liquid Filled Lightweight Compass Keychain for Camping Climbing Hiking Traveling Tyre Shaped Small Keychain Pocket Style Metal Compass

The mini size compass is handy 3.5cm diameter and 1.14 OZ weight, supplied with keychain. Cover material is durable plastic. Bottom and key ring are high quality stainless steel. Bright … Continue reading


MecArmy Keychain Compass CMP (titanium)

Material: Titanium & Brass Length: 27.45mm/1.08in Width:22.5mm/ 0.886in High:8.6mm/ 0.34in Weight:9g/ 0.32oz Feature:Titanium & Brass, Compass Accessory:Beaded chain


Ruipoo 2PCS Survival Bracelet with Embedded Compass ,Fire Starter, Emergency Knife , Whistle Emergency Bracelets for Hiking Camping Emergency More

Product description The bracelet could be disassembled as rope for making traps, building tents, and in a lot other emergent situations; scraper in the buckle can strike fire starter and … Continue reading


Blackett 15-Pack Button Compasses, 20mm, Oil Filled, For Camping, Hiking, Boating, Survival Bracelets

15 loose oil filled button compasses. Measuring approximately .75 in diameter (20mm), can be carried as is, in a survival kit, or embedded in a survival bracelet, or as a … Continue reading


Compass Bracelet On Sale for Outdoor Activities Hiking Camping gift Survival Paracord camping Creative and simple hiking tool On Sale


Camping Compass (No Light)

This compass delivers superior accuracy, even in the most demanding conditions. The split-sighting mirror ensures superior accuracy when navigating on distant landmarks. The baseplate has three scales for quick, easy … Continue reading


Compass Bracelet Camping Gift Survival Nice-looking Hiking Backpacking Simple Creative Gift Outdoor Multifunctional Navigation Paracord

Come on people let’s get cool and creative. And here I thought I had seen it all. A compass bracelet. How awesome can this get? And yes it is a … Continue reading


Antique Steampunk Wrist Brass Compass & Sundial-Watch With Leather Strap Sundial

How about wearing a watch that shows a time with the sun’s shadow only? Here is a rough outdoorsy solid brass pocket sundial wrist watch with real handmade strap. fantastic … Continue reading


SUN COMPANY Triple Gage Compass Assorted Colors One Size

Fahrenheit temperature only. A great combo of luminous compass, handy thermometer and 3X magnifier. Use as a zipper pull or key ring. Compass is liquid filled. Thermometer reads down to … Continue reading

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