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Belt clip Simple pedometer For Walking,step counts-Best pedometer for men and women


Belt Clip : Attach this belt clip pedometer securely to your waistband or belt, close to the center of your body,The paces are detected by the movement of the waist.If Place it elsewhere may result in inaccurate results

Battery Including. This belt clip pedometer contain LR1130 battery. In order to reduce the error that the pedometer may makes, this pedometer show your steps after 5 steps

Simple one button Step reset: press the reset button and hold for 1-2 seconds to clear the steps to zero.

★★ ATTENTION ★★ 1.Please gently Pull out the tape to get the battery started before use.Make sure the tape won’t tear in a half when you pull it out

2.Please make sure when using it that This belt clip pedometer has the buttons facing the ground. If you clip it on you side ways or upside down it will not count anything.

3.The paces are detected by the movement of the waist. For accurate reading, mount This belt clip pedometer closer to the center of your body.

4.The principle of This belt clip pedometer is to count by shaking, so there will be gentle sound on the machine (the sound is very light, hanging on the body is not heard).


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