Price : $14.99
Brand : Ueasy

Professional High Quality Multifunction Military Army Metal Sighting Compass High Accuracy Sports Waterproof Compass Camping Compasses Black Color


Key Features:

1. Size: 85*63*30mm, Weight: 0.19kg

2. Material: Metal glass

3. Waterproof and shakeproof

4. This compass with luminous display inside, convenient night clearly viewing

5. Sighting window with sighting line

6. Reference table to estimate distance and scope


1. The compass are not allowed to be too close to the magnetic field, the pointer maybe disturbed, please use away from magnetic fields.

2. Luminous effect refers to the phosphor powder under natural light, fluorescent lamp, etc, can be seen after irradiation. For the longer the irradiation time, luminous indication is more durable. There is no luminous effect without light.


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