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Pedometer for walking, running, hiking. Tracks calories, steps, miles, and times for weight watchers, sports/fitness enthusiasts. Great for just keeping track of routine daily activities, too. Get Yourself Back On Track Now!


Walk yourself to a more fit, healthier YOU

Walking is the ideal exercise for just about everyone. This pedometer will make it more fun and effective.

– Been putting off exercise for zillions of reasons?

– No money for that expensive gym fee?

– No enthusiasm to begin the workout?

Start Your Health Kick Now

– You’re already exercising daily during normal walking. And it’s free!

– Now, count up those steps & calories to track and expand your activities.

– Compete with yourself & others to maintain motivation.

Check out the features of this new pedometer just released

18-Month Warranty from manufacturing defects

Strike while the Sale is hot. Order Now!


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