Brand : Nonin Medical

Nonin GO2 Achieve Finger Pulse Oximeter Blue


Nonin, the inventor of the fingertip pulse oximeter most-trusted by medical professionals, is now making the technology available for home use. The small, portable, non-invasive fingertip oximeter is easy to use and provides just the right amount of pressure to record fast, accurate readings of a user?s oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. Whether it is for use during walking, biking, hiking, high altitude activities or during air travel, the reliability of the readings can be trusted. The product is accurate in cases of low profusion and dark skin tones with scientifically proven accuracy. The information provided by your Nonin GO2 Achieve personal oximeter will facilitate better decisions, save time, help you meet your personal health and wellness goals, and give you the peace of mind to continue to live life to the fullest. The GO2 Achieve fits a wide range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult. The Go2 Achieve does not require a prescription. Product comes with an easy-to-follow Users Guide, 1 AAA battery and is backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.


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