Brand : SHONCO

Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker,Shonco I5 S Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Sports Wristband Fitness Bracelet with Pedometer Health Sleep Monitor for iPhone IOS7.0 above/ Android 4.3 above Phone – Black


Brand Name: Shonco.

The smart wristband support smartphone or tablet with Android 4.3 Above & IOS 7.0 Above,(as iphone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus and iPad series), download free Apps “Zeroner” from Apple Store or Google Play. Do Not Support PC and Windows phone.

* 1. The screen will auto light up and display time when you turn over hand(not shake hand), it remains black when there’s no activity.
* 2. Enable message notification(facebook, twitter, skype) on “zeroner”, the watch will vibrate and display caller ID or message content(32 characters per line, click to display the left). Note: iPhone will display both ID and message content, Andriod will display either.
* 3. It tracks your steps, walking distance, calorie burnt, monitor sleep quality. Vibrating alarm reminds you of getting up, drinking water or long time sitting.

1.How to set up “Zeroner” account?
Answer: Open the “Zeroner” App, please register a new account.
2.Question: How to connect the smart phone and the I5 S bracelet?
Answer: Keep your phone with the bluetooth and WIFI “ON”.
First, Login in the “Zeroner”, show the main page, tap the top left corner button or slip the screen from the left to right, and click ” Device connection” Second, double press the bracelet touch screen,you will see a radar icon on the top of battery volume indicate,and then tap the button ” Searching Device” on the App,select your right bracelet from the device list,and wait for 2 seconds,
Third, Android device will pop up” Device pair request” select the “confirm” to finish pairing. IOS device will pop up ” Pair Device Success”, “Bluetooth Pairing Request”,click ” Pair” and finish pairing.


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