Brand : Filzer

Filzer dZ2L Cycling Computer


The dZ2L Cyclocomputer is a simple-to-use cycle computer with two lines of data.


– Speedometer (front wheel)
– Tripometer
– Odometer
– Auto Trip Timer
– Speed Comparator
– Speed Tendency


– water resistant
– easy to install
– weight 42g (computer head and sensor)


Filzer. It’s more than a brand.

Filzer is a lifestyle. Filzer is a solution. Filzer is value.

That’s a pretty big line to talk, but Filzer has been delivering the goods on its ever-growing range of products since 2002. What began as a philosophy (make useful, high-quality products at an affordable price), has evolved into an entire product line of inventive solutions for daily living.

Cycling computers, bicycle tools, pumps, lights, stainless steel water bottles, and more… wherever you go in the Filzer product line, you can count on two things: quality and value.

Whatever life you lead, value counts. Filzer keeps the cost factor down and the quality consistently high. How? By going directly to factories to cut out all the middle men and counting on your satisfaction and word of mouth.

We like to think about business a bit differently. When you buy Filzer, you aren’t paying for the brand. You’re enjoying it.

Filzer: it fills a gap in the market between big marketing budgets with over-hyped products and cheap, poorly made disposable knock-offs. With Filzer, the goods are great and the value is the bottom line. It’s that simple.


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