SILVA compass Metro green

Compass: Type: small compass Size: Size (L x W): 41 x 36 x 13 mm Weight: 20 g Additional Information: IPX8 waterproof

Plastimo Iris 50 Handheld Hand Bearing Compass – Yellow

The Iris 50 compass is clear evidence that a sturdy marine compass no longer needs to look austere. Good protection against hard knocks: the smooth finish feels soft in your … Continue reading

Sun Company Triplebiner – LED Light, Compass, Thermometer, Carabiner Multi-Tool | Handy Hiking and Backpacking Accessory

Three outdoor essentials on a rugged aluminum carabiner housing: LED light, compass and thermometer. Super bright white LED. Luminous, liquid-filled compass. Thermometer reads to -20 F/-30 C. Batteries included. Designed … Continue reading

Sherwood Genesis Compass and Accessories (One Size, Hose Mount Retractor)

Liquid Filled Compass and accessories Top and Side Reading Designed for Excellent Navigation Gun-Sight Accurate Navigation Ratchet Bezel Twin Heading Indicators Double Line Lubber Line Luminescent Dial Complete with Rubber … Continue reading

Silva Ranger 2.0 Compass with Built-In Clinometer, Azimuth with Black/Orange Bezel

Black/Orange Bezel Rotating compass dial with graduations every 2. Swedish steel needle pivots on a liquid damped, sapphire jeweled bearing. Built-in magnetic declination adjustment screw. Mirror-sighting with luminous points. Needle … Continue reading

Ritchie Black FN-201 Navigator Compass

The Navigator flush mount compass from Richie Navigation features a 4 1/2″ Power Damp flat card dial with large numerals with 12V green LED lighting standard. It has built-in compensators to … Continue reading

Ritchie N-203-C Navigator Compass Cover

Compass cover for Navigator models: FN-201, FN-203, FNW-201, FNW-203, DNP-200, DNW-200.

U.S Handicrafts VINTAGE COMPASS NAVIGATIONAL INSTRUMENT – Marine Sundial Compass With Leather Case & Calendar….

The sundial will be a reliable guide and timepiece on your journeys around the world. used by ancient sailors and mathematicians. This particular type of sundial also determines True North … Continue reading

Silva Guide 2.0 Compass

Silva Guide 2.0 Compass, White, SLV-544910

Fathers Day Gifts Solid Brass Classic Pocket Size Camping Compass 1.75 Inch Hiking Climbing Biking Hunting Survival Compass Outdoor Navigation Directional Nautical Compass Gifts For Kids

Visit our store to see our full selection! The Great Indian Bazaar endeavors to wholeheartedly support the Indian handicrafts industry by creating avenues to upscale the local market economy. … Continue reading

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